Hip Pain

Hips are very stable joints. However, overuse (often from running or other athletic activities), falls, and diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can cause hip pain.

Hip pain can be misleading. Sometimes, the pain you feel in your hip may actually be from a back problem instead. And hip-related pain can sometimes be felt in the thigh or groin area. You’ll need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Although hip pain can come from strains, tendinitis or bursitis , the most common causes are osteoarthritis and fractures.

Hip Pain Causes

A hip fracture is usually a break in the femur (thigh bone) just below where its head fits into the hip socket. A hip fracture is a medical emergency that usually requires surgery.

Hip fractures are rare in younger people and usually caused by falls, sports or vehicle accidents. Broken hips, often related to osteoporosis, are more common and serious injuries in older people, who may never regain their previous level of activity after a hip fracture.

A stress fracture may be a hairline crack in a bone, caused by repetitive motion and overuse. Stress fractures, which need proper treatment to heal, can be misdiagnosed as muscle strains or tendinitis.

When to See a Doctor

If you’ve been injured, in a fall for example, and the pain is intense, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible or call 911, especially if your hip is misshapen or you are unable to move it or bear any weight.

If your hip is still painful after a week of home treatment or you have pain in both hips or other joints, you should see your family physician or an orthopaedist at Robinwood Orthopaedic for diagnosis and treatment.